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1951 Swiss GP
1950 Indianapolis 500

1951 Indianapolis 500

1951 Ulster Trophy
1951 Belgian GP
1952 Indianapolis 500
 XXXV  Indianapolis International Motor Sweepstakes

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Qualifying Qualification
Race Starting GridClassificationFastest LapsLaps Led

DateWednesday 30 May 1951
Start time14:00
Event Indianapolis 500
Circuit Indianapolis
Event FormatRace of 200 laps
ChampionshipWorld Championship
Race number#2 of 8 in 1951
#9 (of all time)
Circuit Perimeter4023 m
Race Distance4023 × 200 = 804.600 km
Grid Format3-3-3-3
Pole PositionLeft
First CornerLeft
Track DirectionAnti-clockwise
WeatherSunny, Hot, Dry
Andy Linden (Driver),
Bill Mackey (Driver),
Bill Vukovich (Driver),
Bobby Ball (Driver),
Carl Forberg (Driver),
Carl Scarborough (Driver),
Chet Miller (Driver),
Chuck Stevenson (Driver),
Cliff Griffith (Driver),
Duke Nalon (Driver),
Gene Force (Driver),
Joe James (Driver),
Manny Ayulo (Driver),
Mike Nazaruk (Driver),
Rodger Ward (Driver),
Bromme (Car Manufacturer),
Hall (Car Manufacturer),
Kuzma (Car Manufacturer),
Pawl (Car Manufacturer),
Schroeder (Car Manufacturer),
Sherman (Car Manufacturer),
Trevis (Car Manufacturer),
Novi (Engine Manufacturer),
Bromme (Car Model),
Hall (Car Model),
Kuzma (Car Model),
Pawl (Car Model),
Schroeder (Car Model),
   Sherman (Car Model),
Trevis (Car Model),
25 (Car Number),
57 (Car Number),
68 (Car Number),
71 (Car Number),
73 (Car Number),
83 (Car Number),
99 (Car Number),
Bob Estes (Entrant),
Brown Motor Co (Entrant),
C.G. Tuffanelli & J. Derrico (Entrant),
Ed Walsh (Entrant),
Federal Engineering Association (Entrant),
George H Leitenberger (Entrant),
H.A. Chapman (Entrant),
Jean Marcenac (Entrant),
Jim Robbins (Entrant),
John L. McDaniel (Entrant),
Karl Hall (Entrant),
L.E. Parks (Entrant),
Lee Elkins (Entrant),
Lindsey Hopkins (Entrant),
Louis & Bruce Bromme (Entrant),
Maserati Race Cars (Entrant),
Pete Salemi (Entrant),
Peter Schmidt (Entrant),
Rotary Engineering Corp (Entrant)
MilestonesCar 99 – 1st Fastest Lap (Car Number)
Car 99 – 1st Win (Car Number)
Firestone – 50th Race Entry (Tyre Manufacturer)
Jean Marcenac – 1st Pole Position (Entrant)
Murrell Belanger – 1st Fastest Lap (Entrant)
Murrell Belanger – 1st Win (Entrant)
Novi – 1st Pole Position (Engine Manufacturer)
Offenhauser – 50th Race Entry (Engine Manufacturer)
 Duke Nalon – 1st Pole Position (Driver)
 Lee Wallard – 1st Fastest Lap (Driver)
 Lee Wallard – 1st Win (Driver)
Records Broken 1. Highest 4th Place Finish Ratio Sherman (100.00%),
2. Highest 5th Place Finish Ratio Schroeder (50.00%),
3. Most 26th Place Qualifications Maserati (2),
4. Most 27th Place Qualifications Jimmy Davies (2)
Records Extended None

World Championship standings
1  Juan Manuel Fangio 9 
  Lee Wallard 9 
3  Mike Nazaruk 6 
  Piero Taruffi 6 up
5  Nino Farina 4 up
6  Andy Linden 3 
  Consalvo Sanesi 3 up
8  Manny Ayulo 2 
  Jack McGrath 2 
10  Emmanuel de Graffenried 2 up
  Bobby Ball 2 
1  Alfa Romeo / Alfa Romeo 32 
2  Ferrari / Ferrari 30 
3  Talbot-Lago / Talbot 3 
4  BRM / BRM 2 

 WinnerPole PositionFastest Lap
Car NumberCar 99Car 18Car 99
EntrantMurrell BelangerJean MarcenacMurrell Belanger
Driver Lee Wallard Duke Nalon Lee Wallard
Car Kurtis Kraft Kurtis Kraft Kurtis Kraft
EngineOffenhauser 4.5 L4Novi 3.0 L8COffenhauser 4.5 L4
Speed203.153 km/h219.653 km/h215.326 km/h