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1950 British GP
1948 Monaco GP

1950 Monaco GP

1950 Indianapolis 500
1955 Monaco GP
 XI  Grand Prix Automobile de Monaco

Overview - Entry List - Qualification - Starting Grid - Classification - Fastest Laps - Laps Led

DateSunday 21 May 1950
Start time14:00
EventMonaco GP
CircuitMonte Carlo
Event FormatRace of 100 laps
Race6 of 24
Championship race2
Circuit Perimeter3180 m
Race Distance3180 × 100 = 318.000 km
Grid Format3-2-3-2
Pole PositionRight
First CornerRight
Track DirectionClockwise
WeatherSunny, Fresh, Dry
Championship Debutants
Alberto Ascari (Driver),
Alfredo PiÓn (Driver),
Franco Rol (Driver),
Harry Schell (Driver),
JosÚ Froilan Gonzßlez (Driver),
Luigi Villoresi (Driver),
Maurice Trintignant (Driver),
Peter Whitehead (Driver),
Raymond Sommer (Driver),
Robert Manzon (Driver),
Cooper (Car Manufacturer),
Ferrari (Car Manufacturer),
Simca-Gordini (Car Manufacturer),
Ferrari (Engine Manufacturer),
JAP (Engine Manufacturer),
Simca-Gordini (Engine Manufacturer),
Cooper T12 (Car Model),
ERA A (Car Model),
Ferrari 125 (Car Model),
Simca-Gordini T15 (Car Model),
26 (Car Number),
   28 (Car Number),
32 (Car Number),
34 (Car Number),
36 (Car Number),
38 (Car Number),
40 (Car Number),
42 (Car Number),
44 (Car Number),
48 (Car Number),
50 (Car Number),
52 (Car Number),
Ecurie Rosier (Entrant),
Equipe Gordini (Entrant),
Horschell Racing Corporation (Entrant),
Peter Whitehead (Entrant),
Philippe ╔tanšelin (Entrant),
Scuderia Achille Varzi (Entrant),
Scuderia Ferrari (Entrant),
Monaco GP (Event),
Monte Carlo (Circuit),
Monte Carlo (3180 m) (Circuit Layout)
MilestonesCar 34 - 1st Fastest Lap (Car Number)
Car 34 - 1st Pole Position (Car Number)
Car 34 - 1st Win (Car Number)
Juan Manuel Fangio - 1st Fastest Lap (Driver)
Juan Manuel Fangio - 1st Pole Position (Driver)
Juan Manuel Fangio - 1st Win (Driver)
Maserati - 10th Race Entry (Car Manufacturer)
Maserati - 10th Race Entry (Engine Manufacturer)
Records Broken 1. Most Retirements Emmanuel de Graffenried (2),
2. Most Consecutive Drivers' Championship Points ScoresAlfa Romeo (2),
3. Most Consecutive RetirementsAlfa Romeo, ERA, Talbot-Lago, Maserati (2),
4. Most Consecutive Retirements Emmanuel de Graffenried (2),
5. Most Consecutive Race WinsAlfa Romeo (2),
6. Most Consecutive 6th Place FinishesERA (2),
7. Most Consecutive 6th Place Finishes Bob Gerard (2),
8. Highest 4th Place Finish RatioFerrari (25.00%),
9. Most Retirements in a Season Emmanuel de Graffenried (2),
10. Most Races Led Juan Manuel Fangio (2),
11. Most Laps Led Juan Manuel Fangio (101),
12. Most Race Entries Bob Gerard,  Cuth Harrison,  Emmanuel de Graffenried,  Johnny Claes,  Juan Manuel Fangio,  Louis Chiron,  Louis Rosier,  Luigi Fagioli,  Nino Farina,  Philippe ╔tanšelin,  Prince Bira (2)
Records Extended 1. Most RetirementsMaserati (7),
2. Most Podium FinishesAlfa Romeo (4),
3. Most Drivers' Championship Points ScoresAlfa Romeo (4),
4. Most Race WinsAlfa Romeo (2),
5. Most 6th Place FinishesERA (2),
6. Most 6th Place Finishes Bob Gerard (2),
7. Highest Race Win RatioAlfa Romeo (28.57%),
8. Highest 6th Place Finish RatioERA (33.33%),
9. Most Retirements in a SeasonMaserati (7),
10. Most Drivers' Championship Points Scores in a SeasonAlfa Romeo (4),
11. Most Race Wins in a SeasonAlfa Romeo (2),
12. Most 6th Place Finishes in a SeasonERA (2),
13. Most 6th Place Finishes in a Season Bob Gerard (2),
14. Most Fastest LapsAlfa Romeo (2),
15. Most Fastest Laps in a SeasonAlfa Romeo (2),
16. Most Races LedAlfa Romeo (4),
17. Most Laps LedAlfa Romeo (170),
18. Most Race EntriesMaserati (12),
19. Most Perfect WeekendsAlfa Romeo (2),
20. Most PolesAlfa Romeo (2),
21. Most 2nd Place QualificationsAlfa Romeo (2),
22. Most 8th Place QualificationsMaserati (2),
23. Most 20th Place QualificationsMaserati (2),
24. Most Poles in a SeasonAlfa Romeo (2),
25. Most 2nd Place Qualifications in a SeasonAlfa Romeo (2),
26. Most 8th Place Qualifications in a SeasonMaserati (2),
27. Most 20th Place Qualifications in a SeasonMaserati (2)

1  Juan Manuel Fangio 9 
  Nino Farina 9 
3  Alberto Ascari 6 
  Luigi Fagioli 6 
5  Louis Chiron 4 
  Reg Parnell 4 
7  Yves Giraud-Cabantous 3 
  Raymond Sommer 3 
9  Louis Rosier 2 
  Prince Bira 2 

 WinnerPole PositionFastest Lap
Car NumberCar 34Car 34Car 34
EntrantAlfa Romeo SpAAlfa Romeo SpAAlfa Romeo SpA
Driver Juan Manuel Fangio Juan Manuel Fangio Juan Manuel Fangio
CarAlfa Romeo 158Alfa Romeo 158Alfa Romeo 158
EngineAlfa Romeo 1.5 L8CAlfa Romeo 1.5 L8CAlfa Romeo 1.5 L8C
Speed98.701 km/h103.884 km/h103.135 km/h

Overview - Entry List - Qualification - Starting Grid - Classification - Fastest Laps - Laps Led